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Black HDPE. Suitable for the proteciton of most types of hydraulic, pnematic and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries. Exceptional anti-crushing performance. High abrasion resistance. Good resistance to UV rays. Easy to fit- reduces risk of industrial injury. Operating temperature: minimum -65°C, continuous +90°C, max +100°C. Suitable for wrapping singel hoses or multiple-hose looms. Proven in arduous conditions. Conveniently coiled and packed in cartons for easy storage. Please request a sample to test the suitability of this product for your application. Supplied lengths and colours: Standard product packed in 20-metre coils. Also available in yellow. When ordering yellow, add ´Y´ as suffix to part number: for example SGX 75Y. • How to calculate quantity: Outside diameter of hose: Nominal diameter Spiralguard® (mm)x length (m) of hose to be covered.• Example: 25 m length of 40 mm diameter hose, select th spiralguard® product based on wrapping range SGX 40; 40 : 33 = 1,21 x 25 (mm) = 30 metres of Spiralguard® SGX-40

rekv. nummerIndvendig diameterWrappping RangeHose Inside Diameter1-Wire2-WireMulti SpiralDash Sizemeters in the packagePrice for
SGX-12*99-13mm3/16"YesNoNo320m306 DKK
SGX-161313,17mm1/4"YesYesNo420m343 DKK
SGX-201616-22mm1/4"NoYesNo420m493 DKK
SGX-25*2122-28mm1/2"YesYesYes820m643 DKK
SGX-322727-33mm5/8"YesYesYes1020m788 DKK
SGX-40*3333-44mm1"YesYesYes1620m1180 DKK
SGX-504444-65mm1 1/4"YesYesYes2020m2010 DKK
SGX-756565-902"YesYesYes3220m3163 DKK
SGX-9080Hose Looms 80mm-200mm20m4128 DKK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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