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Fire Protection Sleeve

Fire Protection Sleeve

Outer Sleeve: Red Silicone. Inner Sleeve: 6 Micron Calcium Silicate Yarn. High-performance flexible protection cover for cables, hydraulic leads and rubber hose lines. Fire Protection Sleeving gives a protection against high temperatures, radiation heat, direct flames and liquid metal splashes. Inner sleeve has good insulation properties, 700°C service temperature. Red silicone outer cover is self-extinguishing. Flexible sleeving allows easy application to curved or irregular shapes.

rekv. nummerIndvendig diametermeters in the packagepris/emballage / stk.price/m
6006001040m6968 DKK273 DKK
6006011540m7874 DKK308 DKK
6006022040m8812 DKK344 DKK
6006032240m8328 DKK326 DKK
6006042540m8797 DKK344 DKK
6006053040m12359 DKK483 DKK
6006073540m14609 DKK572 DKK
6006084040m19484 DKK762 DKK
6006095025m14511 DKK908 DKK

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