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Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Outer Sleeve: Grey Silicone. Inner Sleeve: 6 Micron Calcium Silicate Yarn. Premium Protection Cover for cables, hydraulic leads and rubber hose lines. Provides protection against high temperatures, radiation heat, direct flames and liquid metal splashes. Inner sleeve has good insulation properties, 700°C service temperature. Smooth and thick extruded silicone auter cover. Keeps shape well allowing easy application onto straight hoses, pipes and cables.

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve
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5661010255166 DKK323 DKK
5661515255879 DKK368 DKK
5662020256836 DKK428 DKK
5662222257246 DKK453 DKK
5662525257783 DKK487 DKK
5662828258193 DKK512 DKK
5663030258789 DKK550 DKK
5663232259160 DKK573 DKK
5663535259873 DKK617 DKK
56640402512343 DKK773 DKK
56650502514355 DKK898 DKK
56660602523944 DKK1499 DKK

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