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Self-drilling screw DIN 7504-P

Self-drilling screw DIN 7504-P

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Materialet: Galvaniseret stål
Surface treatment: zinc coated by galvanizing

rekv. nummerDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/stk
OSRSAW100003522TEX 3,5x22 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,09 DKK
OSRSAW100003916TEX 3,9x16 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,06 DKK
OSRSAW100003922TEX 3,9x22 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,09 DKK
OSRSAW100004219TEX 4,2x19 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,09 DKK
OSRSAW100004225TEX 4,2x25 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,12 DKK
OSRSAW100004819TEX 4,8x19 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,12 DKK
OSRSAW100004825TEX 4,8x25 DIN7504-P PI.H ZB2000,16 DKK

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