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Secure Quarter Turn Lock

Secure Quarter Turn Lock

Chrome Finish Die-Cast Zinc Alloy
When the lock is in the open position, the key acts as a knob. Key listed is specific to this lock providing security.

rekv. nummerGrip Range
Mængde i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.Pris pr. stk.
Chrome PlatedBlack Coated
49148049148414,550 pc58 DKK96 DKK
49147949148318,550 pc58 DKK96 DKK
49148149148524,550 pc58 DKK96 DKK
49148249148626,550 pc58 DKK96 DKK

rekv. nummerMængde i pakkenPrice for
package (pc)
Pris pr. stk.
Chrome PlatedBlack Coated
49148749148850 pc12 DKK19 DKK

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