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Heavy Duty Locks

Heavy Duty Locks

Body and Handle: Black Steel or Polyamide
Cam: Steel or Brass
For all types: Lock can be opened from the inside by moving the cam

rekv. nummerTypeStyleWith SealLocking Device
Body & Handle MaterialCam MaterialMængde i pakkenPris pr. stk.
4914311Slam Shut OperationYesYesSteel- Black CoatedBrass1 pc464 DKK
4914322Long CamYesNoSteel- Black CoatedSteel1 pc372 DKK
4914333Slam Shut OperationNoYesBlack NylonBrass1 pc263 DKK

Locking Device
rekv. nummerBody & Handle MaterialMængde i pakkenPris pr. stk.
491434Materialet: Galvaniseret stål1 pc32 DKK

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