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Adjustable Tilt Glides

Adjustable Tilt Glides

Bright zinc-plated steel tilt ball and stud. Ideal for angled applications. Can be adjusted for use on uneven floor surfaces. Ideal for use with threaded inserts. Material: Black Polypropylene. In mm.

rekv. nummerThreadFoot Dia.Stud LengthStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
462183M62525750 pc17 DKK29 DKK
462184M632,525500 pc18 DKK29 DKK
110728M82512100 pc4,7 DKK7,7 DKK
110732M82525100 pc10 DKK17 DKK
110729M83212100 pc6,4 DKK10 DKK
110733M83225100 pc9,9 DKK16 DKK
110730M83812100 pc7,3 DKK12 DKK
110734M83825100 pc10 DKK16 DKK
110731M847,512100 pc10 DKK17 DKK
110735M847,525100 pc10 DKK17 DKK
110736M102515100 pc4,9 DKK10 DKK
110740M102538100 pc6,7 DKK11 DKK
110744M102550100 pc8,9 DKK15 DKK
110737M103215100 pc6,8 DKK11 DKK
110741M103238100 pc7,2 DKK12 DKK
110745M103250100 pc9,6 DKK16 DKK
110738M103815100 pc7,6 DKK12 DKK
110742M103838100 pc6,4 DKK10 DKK
110746M103850100 pc6,7 DKK11 DKK
110739M1047,515100 pc7,2 DKK12 DKK
110743M1047,538100 pc9,4 DKK15 DKK
110747M1047,550100 pc11 DKK17 DKK

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