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Premium Machinery Mounting Feet

Premium Machinery Mounting Feet

Material: Plain Base with Stainless Steel or ENP Mild Steel Stud. Stud manufactured from solid hexagon bar by rolling process ensuring both accuracy and strength of thread. Nylon base offers high-load capacity, chemical resistance and stability during temperature change.

Plain Black Nylon Base
rekv. nummerTypeThreadDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462402Stainless Steel StudM8556048106 DKK166 DKK
462403Stainless Steel StudM10557548111 DKK175 DKK
462404Stainless Steel StudM12557524126 DKK198 DKK
462405Stainless Steel StudM125512524183 DKK286 DKK
462406Stainless Steel StudM12707524163 DKK255 DKK
462407Stainless Steel StudM12701258226 DKK353 DKK
462408Stainless Steel StudM1670758271 DKK424 DKK
462409Stainless Steel StudM16701504337 DKK527 DKK
462410Stainless Steel StudM16702004430 DKK673 DKK
462411Stainless Steel StudM16100754317 DKK496 DKK
462412Stainless Steel StudM161001504379 DKK592 DKK
462413Stainless Steel StudM201001504512 DKK801 DKK
462414Stainless Steel StudM241002004859 DKK1343 DKK
462415ENP Mild Steel StudM12557524158 DKK247 DKK
462416ENP Mild Steel StudM125512524189 DKK295 DKK
462417ENP Mild Steel StudM12551508274 DKK428 DKK
462418ENP Mild Steel StudM12707524215 DKK336 DKK
462419ENP Mild Steel StudM12701508234 DKK366 DKK
462420ENP Mild Steel StudM1670758226 DKK353 DKK
462421ENP Mild Steel StudM16701504267 DKK418 DKK
462422ENP Mild Steel StudM16100754305 DKK397 DKK
462423ENP Mild Steel StudM161001004175 DKK274 DKK
462424ENP Mild Steel StudM161001504305 DKK477 DKK
462425ENP Mild Steel StudM161002004429 DKK670 DKK
462426ENP Mild Steel StudM201001504440 DKK688 DKK

Bolt- Down Black Nylon Base
rekv. nummerTypeThreadDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462427Stainless Steel StudM12100758226 DKK353 DKK
462428Stainless Steel StudM121001258252 DKK394 DKK
462429Stainless Steel StudM16100758303 DKK569 DKK
462430Stainless Steel StudM161001508359 DKK563 DKK
462431Stainless Steel StudM201001504477 DKK746 DKK
462432Stainless Steel StudM201002004602 DKK942 DKK
462433ENP Mild Steel StudM12100758208 DKK325 DKK
462434ENP Mild Steel StudM121001258238 DKK372 DKK
462435ENP Mild Steel StudM121001508245 DKK384 DKK
462436ENP Mild Steel StudM16100758228 DKK356 DKK
462437ENP Mild Steel StudM161001508304 DKK475 DKK
462438ENP Mild Steel StudM161002008346 DKK542 DKK
462439ENP Mild Steel StudM201001504400 DKK626 DKK
462440ENP Mild Steel StudM241001504547 DKK856 DKK

Plain Steel Base
rekv. nummerTypeThreadDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462441Stainless Steel StudM8386024361 DKK564 DKK
462442Stainless Steel StudM10387524383 DKK599 DKK
462443Stainless Steel StudM1255758543 DKK849 DKK
462444Stainless Steel StudM12551258579 DKK906 DKK
462445Stainless Steel StudM12551608601 DKK940 DKK
462446Stainless Steel StudM16707541031 DKK1936 DKK
462447Stainless Steel StudM167015041137 DKK1778 DKK
462448Stainless Steel StudM167020041323 DKK2069 DKK
462449Stainless Steel StudM2010015041787 DKK2796 DKK
462450ENP Mild Steel StudM1670754594 DKK930 DKK
462451ENP Mild Steel StudM16701504655 DKK1024 DKK
462452ENP Mild Steel StudM16702004744 DKK1164 DKK
462453ENP Mild Steel StudM201001504997 DKK1560 DKK
462454ENP Mild Steel StudM2010020041009 DKK1580 DKK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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