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Tapered Caps/Plugs - Blue Series

Tapered Caps/Plugs - Blue Series

Blue LDPE. Use as cap or plug. Easy fitting and removal. Provide excellent protection from damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion during storage and transportation.

rekv. nummerDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
17,92,94,631,310,35000 pc1,3 DKK1,8 DKK
1S7,93,54,631,36,45000 pc0,5 DKK0,81 DKK
29,54,56,14,52,89,550000 pc0,5 DKK0,81 DKK
39,55,36,84,93,29,550000 pc0,9 DKK1,3 DKK
3-W156,87,35,43,810,325000 pc0,59 DKK1,3 DKK
411,15,375,33,89,545000 pc0,59 DKK1,3 DKK
511,96,17,76,14,59,535000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
611,96,78,575,29,530000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
713,57,69,37,75,99,525000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
7-W17,37,69,37,75,99,518000 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
7-S12,78,49,37,76,85,640000 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
814,38,410,18,479,522500 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
915,19,110,99,37,69,520000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
1015,99,911,710,18,39,515000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
1115,110,712,310,799,517000 pc0,5 DKK0,9 DKK
1215,911,41311,49,810,312500 pc0,53 DKK1,1 DKK
1318,312,513,912,310,412,79000 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
13-SP18,312,113,812,210,47,915000 pc0,9 DKK1,3 DKK
13-W22,212,113,912,310,412,77000 pc0,9 DKK1,1 DKK
1419,112,714,412,811,111,19000 pc0,9 DKK1,1 DKK
1619,113,515,814,111,912,77500 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
1719,81416,114,412,312,77500 pc0,56 DKK0,9 DKK
1822,21517,215,413,213,55000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
2021,415,517,716,113,912,76000 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
2122,216,318,516,914,612,75000 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
2222,217,219,217,515,615,94000 pc0,9 DKK1,1 DKK
2323,817,519,918,415,915,94000 pc0,9 DKK1,1 DKK
2625,418,42119,316,812,74000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
26-L24,618,42119,316,8158000 pc0,78 DKK1,3 DKK
2726,219,121,519,717,415,97000 pc0,9 DKK1,1 DKK
2827,820,423,121,518,419,15000 pc0,9 DKK2 DKK
2928,620,823,721,619,214,65500 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
3028,621,724,72319,519,14500 pc0,59 DKK2 DKK
3128,622,124,823,420,415,95000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
3529,422,726,424,821,119,14500 pc0,78 DKK1,2 DKK
3831,824,926,52522,312,72500 pc1,1 DKK2 DKK
4031,824,527,72622,919,13500 pc2 DKK2 DKK
4133,325,529,127,423,819,13500 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
4238,528,231,23026,419,12500 pc1,2 DKK2 DKK
4436,53032,630,928,119,12500 pc1,3 DKK1,8 DKK
4538,131,134,332,929,519,12500 pc1,2 DKK2 DKK
4636,531,434,332,92919,12500 pc0,99 DKK1,7 DKK
4738,132,834,633,0231,219,12000 pc1,1 DKK2 DKK
4841,332,83735,331,225,41500 pc1,3 DKK1,8 DKK
4941,333,337,335,631,719,12000 pc1,3 DKK2,2 DKK
5144,534,138,536,832,623,81500 pc1,7 DKK2,9 DKK
5344,536,840,63935,219,12000 pc2 DKK2,3 DKK
5445,238,640,7393719,11700 pc1,7 DKK2,8 DKK
K-544,538,738,737,736,712,72500 pc3 DKK4,2 DKK
5547,639,642,541,23819,11500 pc2 DKK3,2 DKK
5649,240,844,542,839,819,11500 pc1,9 DKK3,2 DKK
5751,644,147,546,242,619,11200 pc1,7 DKK3,4 DKK
585445,949,748,144,325,4900 pc2,4 DKK3,9 DKK
5951,645,746,444,744,112,72000 pc2 DKK3,4 DKK
605446,951,349,245,325,41000 pc3 DKK4,1 DKK
6257,248,35351,246,725,4850 pc2,4 DKK4 DKK
6357,250,355,153,648,625,4800 pc3,1 DKK5 DKK
6558,751,254,552,949,719,11000 pc3 DKK4,9 DKK
6661,952,457,255,350,826,2700 pc3,8 DKK6,3 DKK
6766,754,859,858,152,925,4600 pc3,5 DKK5,7 DKK
6863,556,557,956,454,612,71200 pc3,1 DKK5,1 DKK
7063,554,161,660,251,925,4700 pc3,7 DKK6 DKK
7166,758,463,16156,825,4600 pc4,3 DKK7,1 DKK
7366,760,866,264,559,225,4600 pc4,3 DKK7,1 DKK
7469,961,767,265,561,519,1700 pc3,8 DKK6,3 DKK
7569,958,767,365,75725,4750 pc4 DKK6,5 DKK
767362,469,968,260,825,4600 pc5,3 DKK8,8 DKK
77736568,366,763,519,1700 pc4,5 DKK7,3 DKK
7876,267,271,369,265,512,71000 pc5,1 DKK8,4 DKK
8179,469,176,274,966,725,4500 pc5,5 DKK9,1 DKK
8282,672,475,774,270,719,1500 pc5,8 DKK9,5 DKK
8385,776,180,278,77412,7750 pc5,6 DKK9,1 DKK
8585,775,782,480,473,725,4400 pc6,3 DKK10 DKK
8688,978,585,583,476,325,4400 pc6,4 DKK10 DKK
8792,184,387,685,682,312,7500 pc6,4 DKK13 DKK
8810082,290,888,880,225,4300 pc11 DKK18 DKK
8998,48891,489,286,522,4350 pc9,2 DKK15 DKK
K-851101,690,295,393,488,325,4250 pc9,4 DKK15 DKK
90101,693,496,594,791,619,1300 pc11 DKK18 DKK
91104,896,599,797,794,417,5300 pc11 DKK18 DKK
92111,199,5103,4101,196,819,8250 pc13 DKK21 DKK
93114,3102,4106,4104,4100,319,1250 pc13 DKK21 DKK
94123,8107,1112,9111,310525,4200 pc12 DKK20 DKK
95127110,9117114,310925,4200 pc12 DKK20 DKK
1100139,7124,7129,3127,3122,726,2250 pc9,1 DKK15 DKK
1110143126,8132,1129,512526,2250 pc9,9 DKK16 DKK
101155,7138,9142,8140,7136,925,4100 pc12 DKK19 DKK
103158,8143,3149,2147,2140,725,4100 pc11 DKK18 DKK
FPL-6*167,9152153,4--32,5150 pc16 DKK27 DKK
104168,2152,7157154,9150,425,490 pc22 DKK37 DKK
108182,6167,9170,4168,4165,938,9100 pc13 DKK21 DKK
K-436194,8174,8178,6176,5172,713,5300 pc21 DKK35 DKK
110193,8179,1180,9178,817726,2100 pc13 DKK22 DKK
112201,7186,4194,3192184,426,2100 pc14 DKK23 DKK
114206,3194,6199,1197,1192,526,2100 pc14 DKK23 DKK
118222,3207,2212,1209,6204,535,750 pc14 DKK23 DKK
120228,6213,4218,4215,9210,835,750 pc14 DKK23 DKK
124231,9220,2221,7219,1217,238,950 pc21 DKK35 DKK
126250,4230,1237,7234,7225,845,250 pc39 DKK63 DKK
130294,6274,1281,9277,126845,240 pc46 DKK72 DKK
132303,8282,2291,1286,3273,851,640 pc52 DKK81 DKK
133331,5303319313,7297,251,630 pc55 DKK86 DKK
136358,1336,6345,4340,4330,251,630 pc69 DKK108 DKK

* Black

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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