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Cone- Shaped E Insert Nuts

Cone- Shaped E Insert Nuts

Material: Silver Zinc Alloy. Provide a strong and permanent thread into wood. Screw easily into panel. External thread ensures positive locking. No flange, allowing strong jointing of curved and flat surfaces.

rekv. nummerThreadDimensionerAllen KeyStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
462552M612107,5655001,5 DKK2,4 DKK
462553M612137,5645000,93 DKK1,5 DKK
462554M612207,5630001,3 DKK2 DKK
462555M814,51311832001,6 DKK2,6 DKK
462556M814,52011815001,9 DKK3,1 DKK
462557M814,52511812002,4 DKK4 DKK

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