Varemærke ANACONDA


Polypropylene. Cap and washer conceals and protects exposed screws or bolts. All washers available in all colours shown below.

High-Profile Caps
rekv. nummerColorCap HeightOutside DiameterFor ScrewStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.
35700white6,516,3to 12 (M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
35706off white6,516,3to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,8 DKK
35710stone6,516,3to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,8 DKK
35729teak6,516,3to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,8 DKK
35766orange6,516,3to 12(M5)2500Manufactured on request only.Manufactured on request only.
35770morning grey6,516,3to 12 (M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
35771pantone grey6,516,3to 12(M5)25001,3 DKK1,8 DKK
35772silver grey6,516,3to 12 (M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
35773flint6,516,3to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,8 DKK
35774osprey6,516,3to 12 (M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
35780black6,516,3to 12 (M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
35781stainless steel6,516,3to 12 (M5)25002,9 DKK4,3 DKK
35782silver6,516,3to 12 (M5)25003,9 DKK5,8 DKK
35783gold6,516,3to 12 (M5)25003,9 DKK5,8 DKK

Low-Profile Caps
rekv. nummerCap HeightColorOutside DiameterTypeStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.
130004,2white10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130064,2off white10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130104,2stone10,03 (M3))25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130294,2teak10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130664,2orange10,03 (M3)2500Manufactured on request only.Manufactured on request only.
130704,2morning grey10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130714,2pantone grey10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130724,2silver grey10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130734,2flint10,03 (M3)25002,1 DKK2,6 DKK
130744,2grey10,03 (M3)25002,1 DKK2,6 DKK
130804,2black10,03 (M3)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
130814,2stainless steel10,03 (M3)25004,1 DKK6,1 DKK
130824,2silver10,03 (M3)25001,6 DKK2,4 DKK
132004,5white13,2to 8 (M4)25000,93 DKK1,4 DKK
132064,5off white13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132104,5stone13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132294,5teak13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132664,5orange13,2to 8 (M4)2500Manufactured on request only.Manufactured on request only.
132704,5morning grey13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132714,5pantone grey13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132724,5silver grey13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132734,5flint13,2to 8 (M4)25002,1 DKK2,6 DKK
132744,5grey13,2to 8 (M4)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
132804,5black13,2to 8 (M4)25004,4 DKK6,6 DKK
132814,5stainless steel13,2to 8 (M4)25004,5 DKK6,8 DKK
132824,5silver13,2to 8 (M4)25002,6 DKK4 DKK
132834,5gold13,2to 8 (M4)25004,1 DKK6,1 DKK
134004,8white16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134064,8off white16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134104,8stone16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
134294,8teak16,2to 12 (M5)25001,6 DKK2,4 DKK
134664,8orange16,2to 12 (M5)25001,6 DKK2,4 DKK
134704,8morning grey16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134714,8pantone grey16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134724,8silver grey16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134734,8flint16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134744,8grey16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134804,8black16,2to 12 (M5)25001,3 DKK1,7 DKK
134814,8stainless steel16,2to 12 (M5)25003,3 DKK5 DKK
134824,8silver16,2to 12 (M5)25003,3 DKK5 DKK
134834,8gold16,2to 12 (M5)25002,4 DKK3,7 DKK

Other Unicap Components

Part 35799 is suitable for Unicaps parts starting with 134--
Part 36400 is suitable for Unicaps parts starting with 132--
rekv. nummerColorO.D. of WasherI. D. of HoleFor ScrewStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
35799White14,76,5to M625001,3 DKK1,9 DKK
36403*Natural164to 8g (M4)25001,8 DKK2,7 DKK
36400*Natural11,33,5to 8g (M4)25001,8 DKK2,8 DKK

* Low-density polyethylene.

rekv. nummerHeightFor ScrewStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.
355994,75(M3,5)25001,3 DKK2 DKK
132994,5to 8(M4)25000,93 DKK1,4 DKK
134994,8to 12(M5)25000,99 DKK1,8 DKK
143994,2to M625001,6 DKK2,4 DKK
360998,4to M1025001,1 DKK2,1 DKK
1309912,4to 3(M3)25001,4 DKK2,1 DKK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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