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Straight Strain Relief Bushes

Straight Strain Relief Bushes

Black Nylon 6.6 (Heat Stabilised to UL94 V2)
rekv. nummerColorUL/CSA DesignationWire DiameterStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
465716BlackISR-14-273,8x7,11000 pc1,4 DKK1,9 DKK

Black Nylon 6.6. Eliminate cable strain and wear. Withstand temperatures up to +140°C. Crimped onto cable and inserted into hole using tool part number 34811. For round or elongated holes.
rekv. nummerFits CableHole SizeMax. Panel ThicknessDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
34830Flat3,8x7,112,711,82,512,74,3500 pc3,2 DKK5,2 DKK
4,1x7,613,111,82,512,74,3500 pc3,2 DKK5,2 DKK
460992Flat3x7,612,711,81,610,3-1000 pc0,9 DKK1,4 DKK
460993Flat3x7,612,711,82,510,3-1000 pc0,9 DKK1,4 DKK
460994Flat3,8x10,112,711,72,412,6-1000 pc0,9 DKK1,4 DKK
460995Round6,412,711,41,611,1-1000 pc0,9 DKK1,4 DKK
460996Round6,412,711,42,511,1-1000 pc1,3 DKK2,2 DKK
460997*Round6,4-6,712,711,42,517,5-1000 pc1,3 DKK2,2 DKK
34831Round6,4-6,712,711,82,510,94,2500 pc1,9 DKK3,2 DKK
6,8-7,413,111,82,510,94,21000 pc1,9 DKK3,2 DKK
34832Round7,6-8,316,714,53,217,37500 pc3,4 DKK5,6 DKK
8,4-917,514,53,217,371000 pc3,4 DKK5,6 DKK
460998Round7,215,9141,614,7-500 pc1,5 DKK2,4 DKK
460999Round7,612,711,82,311,1-1000 pc0,9 DKK1,4 DKK
461000Round8,3-9,115,9143,214,7-500 pc1,5 DKK2,4 DKK
461001Round8,3-10,915,9143,216,9-500 pc1,5 DKK2,4 DKK
461002Round8,3-9,122,219,63,219,1-250 pc2,6 DKK4,2 DKK
461003Round915,9141,614,7-1000 pc1,5 DKK2,4 DKK
34811-------1 pc1855 DKK2031 DKK

*90° skråt etui

Black Nylon 6.6 (Heat Stabilised to UL94 V2)
rekv. nummerColorUL/CSA DesignationFits CableDimensionerMax. Panel ThicknessStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
465856BlackSR-2P-52,3x4,6-2,8x5,3Flat9,58,49,515,91,6500 pc3,3 DKK5,4 DKK
465858BlackSR-3P-53x5,6Flat11,19,99,515,91,6500 pc3,9 DKK6,4 DKK
465860BlackSR-4N-53x7,6-4,1x7,6Flat12,7-13,111,810,317,81,6500 pc4,7 DKK7,8 DKK
465862BlackSR-5N-56,3-7,4Round12,7-13,111,410,317,51,6500 pc4,7 DKK7,8 DKK
465864BlackSR-6P3-58,2-9,1Round15,91411,920,63,2500 pc13 DKK21 DKK
465866BlackSR-6N3-58,2-9,1Round15,91410,720,61,6500 pc13 DKK21 DKK
465868BlackSR-6P-57,6Round15,91410,720,63,2500 pc13 DKK21 DKK
465870BlackSR-6K-53,8x8,6-4,1x10,4Flat15,91410,320,63,2500 pc13 DKK21 DKK
465872BlackSR-6P2-58-8,1Round15,91410,720,63,2500 pc13 DKK21 DKK
465857WhiteSR-2P-52,3x4,6-2,8x5,3Flat9,58,49,515,91,6500 pc5 DKK8,2 DKK
465859WhiteSR-3P-53x5,6Flat11,19,99,515,91,6500 pc5,8 DKK9,5 DKK
465861WhiteSR-4N-53x7,6-4,1x7,6Flat12,7-13,111,810,317,81,6500 pc7,1 DKK12 DKK
465863WhiteSR-5N-56,3-7,4Round12,7-13,111,410,317,51,6500 pc7,1 DKK12 DKK
465865WhiteSR-6P3-58,2-9,1Round15,91411,920,63,2500 pc19 DKK31 DKK
465867WhiteSR-6N3-58,2-9,1Round15,91410,720,61,6500 pc19 DKK31 DKK
465869WhiteSR-6P-57,6Round15,91410,720,63,2500 pc19 DKK31 DKK
465873WhiteSR-6P2-58-8,1Round15,91410,720,63,2500 pc19 DKK31 DKK

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