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Blanking Plugs

Blanking Plugs

Black PVC or Black TPR. Ideal for metal panels. Acid-resistant. Withstand temperatures between -40°C and +135°C.

rekv. nummerMaterialetDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
10860PVC9,39,34,71,64,610000 pc0,5 DKK2,2 DKK
10825PVC9,59,56,41,6510000 pc0,34 DKK0,56 DKK
10832PVC14,510,680,8410000 pc0,62 DKK1,1 DKK
10233PVC14,510,681,64,510000 pc0,56 DKK2,2 DKK
10488PVC1512,491,66,610000 pc0,56 DKK2,2 DKK
10912PVC17,712,811,21,66,210000 pc0,62 DKK2,2 DKK
10768PVC1715,511,51,675000 pc2,2 DKK1,4 DKK
15511PVC17,515,911,91,27,110000 pc0,96 DKK2,2 DKK
10502PVC18,715,512,71,65,65000 pc0,96 DKK2,2 DKK
11321PVC2018,414,91,3710000 pc2,2 DKK1,2 DKK
10213PVC221915,51,67,55000 pc0,96 DKK1,6 DKK
40043*PVC191915,91,67,110000 pc2,3 DKK3,7 DKK
12914PVC2018,516,31,375000 pc0,93 DKK1,8 DKK
10678PVC2521,5191,66,55000 pc1,3 DKK2 DKK
10499PVC2521,5201,66,55000 pc1,3 DKK2 DKK
11152PVC28,526,6222,48,23000 pc2,2 DKK3,1 DKK
10902PVC28,52722,522,51,63000 pc2,2 DKK3,1 DKK
11027PVC3027,524,52,48,72000 pc2 DKK2,8 DKK
10705PVC3228,325,41,693000 pc2,2 DKK3,1 DKK
11148PVC3228,325,42,493000 pc1,8 DKK2,9 DKK
11281PVC38,235,4323,17,152000 pc2,9 DKK4,8 DKK
11239PVC38,231,531,50,872000 pc2,9 DKK4,8 DKK
11059PVC38,235,431,51,67,52000 pc2,9 DKK4,8 DKK
10877PVC43,74338,21,68,21500 pc3,1 DKK5,1 DKK
10320PVC57,552,651,51,612,4500 pc1,6 DKK2,6 DKK
15150TPR9,39,34,71,64,610000 pc0,62 DKK2,2 DKK
15151TPR9,59,56,41,6510000 pc0,37 DKK0,62 DKK
15155TPR17,712,811,21,66,210000 pc0,93 DKK1,5 DKK
15157TPR18,715,512,71,65,65000 pc1,1 DKK2 DKK
15158TPR2018,414,91,3710000 pc0,93 DKK1,8 DKK
15159TPR221915,51,67,55000 pc1,4 DKK2,2 DKK
15160TPR2521,5191,66,55000 pc1,8 DKK2,9 DKK
15161TPR2521,5201,66,55000 pc1,8 DKK2,9 DKK
15162TPR28,526,6222,48,23000 pc2,2 DKK3,7 DKK
15164TPR3027,524,52,48,72000 pc3,3 DKK5,5 DKK
15166TPR3228,325,41,693000 pc2 DKK3,3 DKK
15165TPR3228,325,42,493000 pc3 DKK4,9 DKK
15170TPR38,235,4323,17,152000 pc4,5 DKK7,4 DKK
15168TPR38,235,431,51,67,52000 pc3,9 DKK6,5 DKK
15171TPR43,74338,21,68,21500 pc2,8 DKK4,6 DKK
15172TPR57,552,651,51,612,4500 pc7,4 DKK12 DKK

* Solid style, no recess on blind side.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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