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Straight Flanged Caps

Straight Flanged Caps

Natural LDPE. Typically used to protect BSP/NPT threads with or without O-Rings.

rekv. nummerThreadDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
ECS-01251/8"16,810,19,710000 pc0,93 DKK1,3 DKK
ECS-02501/4"20,613,513,59000 pc0,87 DKK1,6 DKK
ECS-03753/8"23,91713,55000 pc0,9 DKK1,7 DKK
ECS-05001/2"27,721,218,33000 pc1,3 DKK2,2 DKK
ECS-07503/4"33,326,519,12000 pc1,3 DKK2 DKK
ECS-10001"39,633,323,61000 pc1,6 DKK3,2 DKK
ECS-12501 1/4"49,34224,6800 pc2,4 DKK3,9 DKK
ECS-15001 1/2"54,948,124,6600 pc2,6 DKK5,2 DKK
ECS-20002"66,660,226,2500 pc3,2 DKK5,2 DKK
rekv. nummerTo fit Metric ThreadDimensionerStk.i pakkenpris/emballage / stk.pris/stk
ECM-10M1017,59,89,710000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
ECM-12M1219,511,8127000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
ECM-14M1421,513,7125000 pc0,81 DKK1,3 DKK
ECM-16M1623,515,7125000 pc0,87 DKK1,6 DKK
ECM-18M1825,517,7123000 pc0,87 DKK1,6 DKK
ECM-20M2027,519,714,13000 pc0,93 DKK1,5 DKK
ECM-22M2229,521,714,13000 pc0,99 DKK1,7 DKK
ECM-33M3340,432,617,52000 pc1,3 DKK2,1 DKK
ECM-38M3844,537,6191000 pc2,2 DKK3,6 DKK
ECM-42M4249,541,7191000 pc2,3 DKK3,7 DKK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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